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NOTICE: Regular Downtime for Server Reset is at Midnight Eastern Time

Hi all. This post is from the software development team at the University of Iowa — the folks who have brought you the goodness that is DPTE. Please take into account when planning to run subjects, especially outside the United States, or even in the western part of the U.S.

To keep the server running smoothy we “reset” the software every night at 11pm central/12 midnight eastern time.

We chose this time so that in Europe it would be very early in the morning (4am UK) and very late here, so there would be the least chance of inconvenience, and no one would have a room full of people at those hours using DPTE. But now that people are running with MTurk, the possibility of large numbers of people running as subjects exists for just about any hour of the day, so we thought it would be useful to do this notice. The downtime only lasts for one minute, so it shouldn’t stop anyone from doing work. But if subjects are running they will all be kicked out at that time.

At the same time, this is important since implementing the “reset” seems to have cut down on the number of ‘crashes’ the server has by quite a bit. We haven’t experimented lately, but since we got a crash a few weeks ago it seems likely that if we remove the “reset” then they would become more frequent again.

We put a note on the front page of DPTE to tell people about this downtime and to contact us if it’s a bad time.

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