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Social Experiments Now Possible!

We are very excited to announce that DPTE has been significantly enhanced to allow “social experiments.” These are experiments in which subjects can essentially interact. While the interaction is not (yet) in real-time,  subjects can now indicate their desire to SHARE items they view and can make comments on items, among many other new functions.

The Social Experiment options under Settings in the Experiment Dashboard are for use with Social Experiments, which allow setting up “Sharing” between Subjects, hypothetical or real. While development is currently in progress, you can now designate an Experiment as Social, which opens new options on the Timed Items screen. These include marking an item as Shared and/or Shareable.

Shared Items appear with an announcement that they were shared by another user. The Subject has an option to open the ’embedded’ item or not. An event is recorded when a Shared Item is presented and closed, and when its embedded item is opened and closed. Currently only Stimulus Items will appear as Shared Items but Questionnaires will be in future versions.

Shareable Items contain extra options in the form of buttons that the Subject can select. The button names are editable and their selection will be recorded. These Items also may contain Comments and allow the Subject to leave comments.

Note that if the “master switch” check box–Enable Social Experiment–is deselected, the Timed Items marked as Shared will remain, but appear as regular Timed Items. There is a DPTE System Variable, [[SYS_VAR_SOCIAL_EXP]], used to track whether Sharing is on or off, and this variable can be changed by the experiment using a Calculation item.

For more details see the DPTE Social Experiment Documentation PDF file.

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