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Another Update with New Features

Our software development team at Iowa continues to work on updates and refinements to DPTE. Today we have release V2.6, which adds the following functions:

You can now create multiple-selection response options in questions by defining the question as “list box”.  For Multiple Choice this shows up as a single-select combo box menu. For a Multiple Answer a multiple-select box is available. Note that there is no default option however. If the question has not been answered it shows a s “———-” (dashes) in the box until the subject makes selections.

Questionnaires now support videos embedded in the question. The video URL is shared with the Image url right now (we assumed both wouldn’t be needed simultaneously) so you have to specify which the url applies to. This will allow you to show a video as part of a question.

Three new system variables are now available, for time spent in the experiment, stage, and substage. They are:


These are “set” when a recorded event occurs, so the times may be approximate. But normally before one checks a Condition, etc., a recorded event has just occurred (an Item being closed, or a substage beginning) so you should be able to get a good indicator of how long the subject spend in the experiment, state, and substage.

We hope these new features will be useful to many of you.

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