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DPTE Update Completed; New Features!

The DPTE update to version 2.8 (2.8.1) has been completed. If you do not see version 2.8.1 make sure your refresh your browser.

New and Updated User features of DPTE include:

Rectangular Data Set enhancements:

For multiple answer questions, the numeric number returned in the subject file is a count of how many items are selected. This is now done by the Player — the numeric answer for a Multiple Answer question is the count of answers selected, and so will be reflected in the Rec Data Set.

There have been some other incremental fixes to the rectangular datasets.

Visualization Function:

Add a visualization sheet that lists each questionnaire in the experiment (with the name of each questionnaire in its own column), and then all of the questions that are in that questionnaire in the rows below it.

Duplication Functions:

When duplicating stimuli items within an experiment, the alternatives and attributes that are assigned to that stimulus item are now carried over to the duplicate.

Language Support:

Czech language support has been added.

Player Enhancements:

Every call that DPTE can make is now tracked and reissued if it fails or does not come back with a result. The intention is to be able to recover from any state short of a prolonged outage (>30 seconds). This will probably take some further tweaking and different Experiments might yield different obstacles. This has been tested with a relatively simple experiment using a utility to “shut off” the internet for short instances, seeing if the software recovers. The major loading at the Stage and Substage breaks is tracked; apart from that, DPTE only has to load data for Questionnaires, Images, Follow-on Items, and social data (Button Click counts, and Comments). All of these are kept track of and re-issued if necessary; for example, every time the Flow Panels move, each one checks to see if it needs to reload the Button Count / Comment count data at the bottom.

The goal of these enhancements is to cut back on the number of failures of the player due to “internet lag” type problems.


As always, please test your experiments now that the revision is up, and let us know if you find any problems.


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