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Latest Update: DPTE V2.8.5

An update has been made to DPTE to add some new features. When you log into the system you should now be on v 2.8.5.  If you are not, then refresh your browser to clear cache.

This update includes the following:

– Owners can re-assign Experiment to another Researcher (“Owner” is now an option on the Role menu)

– Search/replace feature, which can also be used to help synchronize Subject Variable names (see DPTE faq pages for details)

– Hyperlinks and images (and other HTML) can be used in text fields (see DPTE faq pages)

– new System Variable SYS_VAR_RECORD_EVENTS can be used to turn event recording on/off. Please note if you turn off event recording you will severely limit the data you have available while recording is off.

– several Rec Data Set additions/bug fixes

We are particularly excited that hyperlinks and images are now available in text fields.  You can use HTML in the following DPTE text fields:

– A Text Stimulus Item’s main text
– an Announcement’s text
– the text of a Question.

In these fields, DPTE will treat the characters {{ and }} as < and > characters to surround your HTML. In the Player, this will render as HTML. For example, the text:

{{a href=http://www.mylink.com target=”_blank”}}Here is a link{{/a}}

would display a link to the location specified. Note that the link text will not appear underlined or blue unless you add that yourself. Remember to always include target=”_blank” so that it opens in a new window/tab.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions for additional features.

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