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DPTE Version 2.9.95 is Live

We meant to put this announcement up last week. A new version of DPTE was loaded, version 2.9.5. Among the updates in this version are:

1. Bulk Question uploading via XML file (Details on how to do this are in the FAQ on the DPTE landing page at http://www.processtracing.org. Note that this functionality is intended to allow you to author questionnaires outside of DPTE and load them into the system. It requires that you follow a very specific format as detailed in the FAQ.

2. The initial states of every Flow Item in terms of its Button Clicks and Comment Count is now being written when in a Social Experiment so this data can be used later for analysis.

3. The documentation for 3.0 is nearly complete and will be posted when it is.

We have a few more features to add to the system (including Data Cleanup on the Experiment Dashboard for example) but we are nearing a 3.0 version.

Let us know if you find these features useful.

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