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REVISED TIME: Additional Downtime Scheduled 3/20/14, 8:15AM CDT (13:15 UTC)

Note – the original time for this downtime has been changed! Please note this change.

We need to schedule addition downtime for the DPTE system.  When the previous updates were done last Thursday, a few changes were made to the database (to support Asian characters). When this was done it was noticed that the Recorded Events table has 13 million records in it (that’s big) and the database people said the table is getting ‘fragmented’ or in other words, taking up a lot more space than it has to. Additionally, the “transaction log” file is gigantic. Long story short, they want to ‘defrag’ that table and that should reduce its size by around 30-40%, and prevent it from impacting performance.

Downtime is scheduled for Thursday, March 15, 2014, at 8:15am central daylight time (13:15 UTC). Please avoid having subjects running on the system at this time. The system will be down for both subjects and experimenters during this time.

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