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Here’s a tip for those who want subjects to be able to move from DPTE to another web address. For example, let’s say at the end of a DPTE study, you wish to send the subject on to something else on the web. Turns out to be pretty simple using the Javascript functionality of DPTE. This can actually be used at any time during a study, though if the DPTE study is not over, the subject would have to be instructed on how to return to it to complete the study.  IMPORTANT: If a subject does not properly exit from a DPTE study, then the subject data for that subject will not be saved and the case will not be flagged as complete. So use this functionality with care.

Using javascript, you can set up a conditional situation to send people out to another website by using a command like:

var x = window.open (“http://www.google.com“,”mywindow”);  false

(This example will send subjects to www.google.com)

To ensure that subject data gets saved (assuming you are doing this at the end of the study), you should do the following:

1. End your experiment with an announcement that tells the subject what is coming next (you will now be sent to…)
2. Follow the announcement with a conditional calculation created with Javascript as above (or anything really), where DPTE opens up a new window for your subjects.
3. Make that conditional the last thing in your study; that is, have no other instructions following it.

Your subjects should see the announcement, then see the other window open and DPTE should close in the background, saving all of the subject information.

Thanks to Derek Seibert, one of the tech geniuses  at the University of Iowa, who figured this out.

Note – The DPTE manual has not yet been updated with this information.



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