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Addressing “Loading Subject error; please close this window and try again” Message

In recent months we have had several reports of subjects attempting to run DPTE experiments and receiving a red message at the top of the player screen reading “Loading Subject error; please close this window and try again”. This error appears occasionally after a subject clicks to begin the study. The player screen fails to load and simply displays the error in small type at the top. The only solution is to force the window closed (clicking on the X in the top right and clicking to “leave screen” then refreshing the start screen and clicking on the link again. This is obviously not a good option for subjects running remotely.

We now have a workaround if you receive this error on a regular basis. The workaround entails NOT using https to connect to DPTE. Instead, a 2nd inbound portal to DPTE thas been created.

To use the alternative portal specify your link to the study as follows:


There are 3 changes:
– http instead of https
– player2 instead of player
– pid instead of pass

NOTE: UNIQUEIDNUMBER is the number given to your experiment, i.e. 135, used to tell the DPTE player what experiment to run. ?pid=PASSWORD is optional, allows you to pass through the passphrase you specified for your study so your subject does not have to type it.

As always let us know if you run into any problems with this.



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