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DPTE Bug in Duplicating Experiments with Follow On Items

One of the real strengths of DPTE is that you can use “Follow On” items to define stimuli that should appear immediately after a participant clicks on a particular piece of information. After reading that piece, and closing it, any defined follow on items are presented. These can be announcements, questionnaires, or other stimuli. You can even insert branches as follow on items in order to move the participant to some other substage or stage based on having read a particular piece of information. And, like other stimuli, follow on items can be processed conditionally.

However, it turns out there is a bug in the duplication of experiments with follow on items. The items themselves ARE copied and appear where you would expect them to, in the appropriate stage/substage/group/flow item location. But they will not be processed when the participant clicks on a stimulus item with a follow on. Instead, the system will drop through to the next defined item, returning to the player flow.  The bug has been identified: a flag that indicates the presence of follow on items is not being copied correctly when an experiment is duplicated.

Until the bug is fixed, there is a relatively simply workaround. In the duplicated experiment, go to the stage/substage/group/flow item where you have defined follow on items. Click on the follow on item button at the bottom right of the screen as if you are going to define items. You should see the existing follow on items. To fix the flag, simply remove on of your follow on items. Then restore it by putting it back where it was. This will reset the flag. If you have multiple follow on items defined for a given flow item, you only need to remove/restore one of the items, and they will all work.

We hope to fix the underlying bug in the not-too-distant future and will announce it here when we have.


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