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DPTE Experiment in the Field Now

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tessa Ditonto and I’m a PhD candidate in political science at Rutgers University. I’m currently collecting data for my dissertation using DPTE. My experiment simulates a presidential election in which I vary certain aspects of the physical appearance of the candidates in the race. I’m interested in how appearance heuristics (like race, gender, and how competent a person looks) influence information search, as well as how these kinds of cues influence candidate evaluation and vote choice when information search is taken into account.

This is the third DPTE experiment I’ve worked on so far. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the program (it’s starting to feel like an old friend at this point!) and seeing all of the interesting ways that scholars are using it around the world. I’m excited to have a venue now where we can all keep in touch about our work!