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DPTE Item Repository Available

You may have noticed that when you are first approved to use DPTE you are assigned to two experiments (there may be a little delay in this, but it should happen).  One is experiment 135: DPTE Demo Experiment. This is a dummy that probably doesn’t really work, but which allows you to look around and see how stimulus items, questions, and branches are created. You may do anything you want to this one, since it isn’t a real experiment. That is, you can not only look through it but you can also add things, delete things, and otherwise mess around. Feel free.

The second is what we call our ITEM REPOSITORY (Exp ID 321). The repository is designed to make things easier for everyone. It contains a collection of widely used stimuli, questionnaires, and announcements that you can use in your own studies. Instructions are provided in the Repository experiment on how to copy things to your own experiment. For stimuli it is very easy – for announcements pretty easy – and for questionnaires a little more complex. The details are provided in an announcement in the Repository itself.

So PLEASE FEEL FREE TO USE THESE. Copy them to your own experiment and then you can modify them as needed.

We also ask that you consider adding your own items to the general Repository for the benefit of all users. Again this is pretty easy for stimuli – from your own experiment you go to the stimulus area, choose “duplicate”, and using the pull down list you select the items to copy. Select the experiment ITEM REPOSITORY as the location to copy to, choose the ones you want to copy, and you will have contributed to the greater good!

For other items (questionnaires and announcements) the process is more complex, but is the reverse of the instructions on copying TO the Repository. Let us know if you have questions.