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Upcoming DOWN TIME for DPTE Server March 31 12:00-13:00 UTC

IMPORTANT: The DPTE server will be down for maintenance on Thursday, March 31 from 7:00-8:00am CDT (12:00 to 13:00 UTC). You will be unable to run experiments or use DPTE during this time.

DPTE Downtime Scheduled – Thursday, April 10, 6:30AM Central Daylight Time (11:30 UTC), 30 Minutes

IMPORTANT: The DPTE server will be down on Thursday, April 10 from 6:30-7:00am CDT (11:30 to 12:00 UTC). You will be unable to run DPTE experiments during this time.

A “kernal update” is necessary for the server. We are also implementing the first step toward SSL capability by enabling a SSL certificate on the server, which will allow https logins to DPTE; full https connectivity should be possible at a later date.

PLEASE NOTE: The DPTE server now has daily (recurring) maintenance at 1:55am CDT (06:55 UTC). The server may be unresponsive for up to 1 minute at this time. You should avoid doing important work, and not have Subjects running Experiments, during the brief downtime.




REVISED TIME: Additional Downtime Scheduled 3/20/14, 8:15AM CDT (13:15 UTC)

Note – the original time for this downtime has been changed! Please note this change.

We need to schedule addition downtime for the DPTE system.  When the previous updates were done last Thursday, a few changes were made to the database (to support Asian characters). When this was done it was noticed that the Recorded Events table has 13 million records in it (that’s big) and the database people said the table is getting ‘fragmented’ or in other words, taking up a lot more space than it has to. Additionally, the “transaction log” file is gigantic. Long story short, they want to ‘defrag’ that table and that should reduce its size by around 30-40%, and prevent it from impacting performance.

Downtime is scheduled for Thursday, March 15, 2014, at 8:15am central daylight time (13:15 UTC). Please avoid having subjects running on the system at this time. The system will be down for both subjects and experimenters during this time.

DPTE Downtime Scheduled

There will be downtime on Thursday, March 13  (7:30am central, 8:30 eastern) to apply some server patches and make a change to the nightly restart (it will be moving to 1:55am central time, rather than 2am, to avoid being on a Daylight Savings Time boundary). The downtime should be less than 1/2 hour but could be up to an hour.

Please note that after this update, the DPTE server will be restarted every morning at 1:55AM Central Time (UTC 07:55 when daylight savings time is not in force and UTC 06:55 when it is.) When the server is restarted any subject taking a DPTE study may be disconnected and results for that subject may be unreliable. We suggest avoiding running subjects at this time. Restart generally takes only a couple minutes.

DPTE Downtime Tuesday Dec 10, 7AM Central Standard Time

We nee to place maintenance updates on the server that hosts DPTE. This server update is scheduled for Tuesday morning (7am Central Standard Time, 01:00 UTC) Dec 10.  During this period there will be no access to the DPTE system for either experiment setup or running subjects. We anticipate the system will be down for no more than 1 hour.

If there is a problem with this time let us know as soon as possible.