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DPTE Downtime Tuesday Dec 10, 7AM Central Standard Time

We nee to place maintenance updates on the server that hosts DPTE. This server update is scheduled for Tuesday morning (7am Central Standard Time, 01:00 UTC) Dec 10.  During this period there will be no access to the DPTE system for either experiment setup or running subjects. We anticipate the system will be down for no more than 1 hour.

If there is a problem with this time let us know as soon as possible.



As you may know, we had a system crash the other day. The crash appears to have been at least partly performance related: that day DPTE processed the largest number of subjects in one day ever.  As the tech staff has examined it, they’ve found some areas to fix to improve performance, so we should be in good shape going forward.

However, patches need to be applied to the server. Scheduled downtime will be between 9AM and 11AM, CDT (14:00 to 16:00 UTC) on Friday, September 20. During this time you will be unable to access DPTE or to run any subjects. Please plan accordingly.

Thanks for your patience and always feel free to let us know if you have any questions or problems.

DPTE Version 2.9.95 is Live

We meant to put this announcement up last week. A new version of DPTE was loaded, version 2.9.5. Among the updates in this version are:

1. Bulk Question uploading via XML file (Details on how to do this are in the FAQ on the DPTE landing page at http://www.processtracing.org. Note that this functionality is intended to allow you to author questionnaires outside of DPTE and load them into the system. It requires that you follow a very specific format as detailed in the FAQ.

2. The initial states of every Flow Item in terms of its Button Clicks and Comment Count is now being written when in a Social Experiment so this data can be used later for analysis.

3. The documentation for 3.0 is nearly complete and will be posted when it is.

We have a few more features to add to the system (including Data Cleanup on the Experiment Dashboard for example) but we are nearing a 3.0 version.

Let us know if you find these features useful.

System Restarted

All, DPTE is restarted and now seems to be operating properly. If you find any problems, please let us know.

System Crash

To all DPTE Users,

We appear to have suffered a system crash this evening around 6:45 pm US Central time.  At this time we are not sure what has caused it but the DPTE server is not responding.

The technical support team for DPTE has  been notified. As soon as we have a resolution of the problem, we will post here. But the system may be down for a while since we are now outside of regular working hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will do what we can to get the system back up and running as soon as possible.

Latest Update: DPTE V2.8.5

An update has been made to DPTE to add some new features. When you log into the system you should now be on v 2.8.5.  If you are not, then refresh your browser to clear cache.

This update includes the following:

– Owners can re-assign Experiment to another Researcher (“Owner” is now an option on the Role menu)

– Search/replace feature, which can also be used to help synchronize Subject Variable names (see DPTE faq pages for details)

– Hyperlinks and images (and other HTML) can be used in text fields (see DPTE faq pages)

– new System Variable SYS_VAR_RECORD_EVENTS can be used to turn event recording on/off. Please note if you turn off event recording you will severely limit the data you have available while recording is off.

– several Rec Data Set additions/bug fixes

We are particularly excited that hyperlinks and images are now available in text fields.  You can use HTML in the following DPTE text fields:

– A Text Stimulus Item’s main text
– an Announcement’s text
– the text of a Question.

In these fields, DPTE will treat the characters {{ and }} as < and > characters to surround your HTML. In the Player, this will render as HTML. For example, the text:

{{a href=http://www.mylink.com target=”_blank”}}Here is a link{{/a}}

would display a link to the location specified. Note that the link text will not appear underlined or blue unless you add that yourself. Remember to always include target=”_blank” so that it opens in a new window/tab.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems or have any suggestions for additional features.

DPTE Update Completed; New Features!

The DPTE update to version 2.8 (2.8.1) has been completed. If you do not see version 2.8.1 make sure your refresh your browser.

New and Updated User features of DPTE include:

Rectangular Data Set enhancements:

For multiple answer questions, the numeric number returned in the subject file is a count of how many items are selected. This is now done by the Player — the numeric answer for a Multiple Answer question is the count of answers selected, and so will be reflected in the Rec Data Set.

There have been some other incremental fixes to the rectangular datasets.

Visualization Function:

Add a visualization sheet that lists each questionnaire in the experiment (with the name of each questionnaire in its own column), and then all of the questions that are in that questionnaire in the rows below it.

Duplication Functions:

When duplicating stimuli items within an experiment, the alternatives and attributes that are assigned to that stimulus item are now carried over to the duplicate.

Language Support:

Czech language support has been added.

Player Enhancements:

Every call that DPTE can make is now tracked and reissued if it fails or does not come back with a result. The intention is to be able to recover from any state short of a prolonged outage (>30 seconds). This will probably take some further tweaking and different Experiments might yield different obstacles. This has been tested with a relatively simple experiment using a utility to “shut off” the internet for short instances, seeing if the software recovers. The major loading at the Stage and Substage breaks is tracked; apart from that, DPTE only has to load data for Questionnaires, Images, Follow-on Items, and social data (Button Click counts, and Comments). All of these are kept track of and re-issued if necessary; for example, every time the Flow Panels move, each one checks to see if it needs to reload the Button Count / Comment count data at the bottom.

The goal of these enhancements is to cut back on the number of failures of the player due to “internet lag” type problems.


As always, please test your experiments now that the revision is up, and let us know if you find any problems.


DPTE Will be Down Briefly Thursday May 2 for Upgrades

The DPTE system will be unavailable Thursday, May 2, from 10am to 10:30am CDT (11am-11:30am EDT, 15:00-15:30 UTC) for a server update. Since this is a fairly substantial update, afterwards you should test your experiments in the DPTE Player before running any larger groups of subjects, and report any inconsistencies or errors you encounter.

You will be UNABLE to run any experiments or access the experimenter interface during this time. Data for any subjects running at the time the system is taken down will be lost, so please avoid starting new subjects who will not finish before Thursday, May 2, at 10:00am CDT .

This update includes a number of new and improved features. We intend to get the user guide updated as soon as possible to include these features, including enhancements to social experiments and additional capability in the downloadable datasets.

Another Update with New Features

Our software development team at Iowa continues to work on updates and refinements to DPTE. Today we have release V2.6, which adds the following functions:

You can now create multiple-selection response options in questions by defining the question as “list box”.  For Multiple Choice this shows up as a single-select combo box menu. For a Multiple Answer a multiple-select box is available. Note that there is no default option however. If the question has not been answered it shows a s “———-” (dashes) in the box until the subject makes selections.

Questionnaires now support videos embedded in the question. The video URL is shared with the Image url right now (we assumed both wouldn’t be needed simultaneously) so you have to specify which the url applies to. This will allow you to show a video as part of a question.

Three new system variables are now available, for time spent in the experiment, stage, and substage. They are:


These are “set” when a recorded event occurs, so the times may be approximate. But normally before one checks a Condition, etc., a recorded event has just occurred (an Item being closed, or a substage beginning) so you should be able to get a good indicator of how long the subject spend in the experiment, state, and substage.

We hope these new features will be useful to many of you.

DPTE V2.5.5 Now Live

We have just updated DPTE to version 2.5.5.  This version adds the following functionality:

– The Experiment Dashboard has been reconfigured to make room for new buttons, one of which is the “Experiment Notes” screen, which is functional

– The main page contains the new License Agreement/Disclaimer. By using DPTE you are agreeing to the License and you are agreeing that you understand the disclaimer.

– You can now change a possible answer type when you write a question so that you do not need to delete the question and start over if the answer type needs to change.

– You can now change fonts on questionnaires.

– Some fixes concerning the Rectangular Data Set were made to correct some small problems.

As always, let us know if you run into any problems.