DPTE – the blog!

Dynamic Process Tracing Environment User Discussion


DPTE is a tool provided to academic researchers at no cost. To date the support required to develop the system has come primarily from a series of grants from the National Science Foundation, as well as early support for the current version from the University of Iowa.

HOWEVER, even as we move toward winding up the major development phase of the project, there are ongoing costs such as server space and bug fixes.

We would like to keep access to DPTE free. To do so, we ask one favor of you. If you are submitting a grant proposal that will fund a study using DPTE, we would appreciate it if you would include funding for DPTE system maintenance. Our thinking is that if grant supported researchers using this system can help fund the ongoing modest costs (probably about $10,000 a year) we can keep access to the system free to all, which would especially benefit those who do not otherwise have funding.

If you are in the position to do this, please contact Dave Redlawsk – redlawsk@udel.edu – as you develop your grant proposal for specifics about including DPTE maintenance as part of your funding request.




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